Net Worth Update – 4 months to go!


So it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote on here – I had a bad summer of saving, but looking back I don’t regret it. I made so many genuinely amazing memories and had the best time.

BUT….since then I got back to being serious about hacking away at this debt.

Let me update you!

In June I was left with £16k roughly.

Today (end of February so including Feb payments and savings) I’m left with £11k!! That’s £5k down in roughly 7 months – not the best ever but definitely not the worst.

Assets  Liabilities 
UK cash  £  6,504 Student Loan (£19,416.43)
Cash saved in america  £  2,172
Total net worth  (£10,739.98)

I got engaged in November of 2018, so now my fiance and I are in this together. We wanted to wait to be engaged before tackling both our debt, just felt right.

So our monthly savings now consist of the following:


Regular income savings – £750 a month (£2211 paycheck after tax)

Side hustle savings (online styling for Stitch Fix) – roughly £640 a month after tax, £460 in the first paycheck received in February


Regular income savings – £1200/month

Side hustle (matched betting) – £100/months

So total we’re saving roughly £2690 a month! That’s about 46% of our after tax income, so according to MMM’s retirement calculator if we did this forever we could retire in 18 years. MD would be 50 years old and I would be 45 years old! I know that’s not super amazing for the FIRE community, but it’s not bad for two people living in one of the most expensive cities in the world!

Timeline of paying debt off:

So right now we have £10,739 to go and we’re saving £2,690 per month…without accounting for the interest that means we have roughly 4 months of saving to go.

I want to be 100% transparent and honest about how we’re doing this because I think there are a lot of people on these type of blogs who exaggerate or leave out pretty essential details about their process and leave the rest of us feeling like *crap* about ourselves.

Wedding aside

So basically my parents are paying for our wedding this year – I have a few sisters and they have paid for theirs as well. It’s the culture of where we’re from and although it makes us both a little uncomfortable we are really grateful. We have people flying into America from the UK and other parts of Europe so we wanted it to be a really amazing day for everyone, with the emphasis on creating amazing memories.

The budget is being spent on things that make a great party! A great venue where people can sit in or outside, great music, wonderful food and of course, lots of alcohol. My wedding dress was £189/$225. The flower budget was paired down to the minimum. The cake was $450 for 145 people. There’s no crazy decor or other things that are totally beautiful but forgettable. I know it’s still more than a lot of people would/have spent, but I also know myself and I’m not MMM – I’m me!

Please let me know if you guys want a detailed breakdown of our wedding budget and what we’re getting for each item. I’d love to share!

What this has to do with the rest of this post

Okay so basically what this means is before we’re married we will be totally debt free, thanks to this enormous gift from my parents which I can’t say enough.

Our goal has always been to get married 100% debt free so we can focus on saving saving saving to buy a house, have some lil’ Moneybabes, and retire ASAP!

I really just want to say – YOU CAN DO IT.

Exactly 2 years ago I made my first payment on my £26k balance of student and other debt. I have had major ups and downs throughout the whole process, and my Fiance has too! (He actually jumped aboard the savings train and paid off his entire student loan last month, about £8k when we first started!)

Together, we’ve made a combined pre-tax income varying between £60k-£85k, we live in Zone 2 of London (so ££) and we’ve gone on vacations with friends, visited America several times, celebrated birthdays and holidays and spent money on stupid things we don’t need. In that same time, we’ve managed to pay off/save £23k.

It’s not miraculous, it’s not the BEST EVER, but it’s pretty dang good and I’m really proud of it and I really hope I inspire anyone out there who’s interested in doing the same or similar!!

If you’re interested in our current combined annual expenses other than fun/enjoyment (so just the basics) here they are:

annual expenses

I hope you’re doing well too!!




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