Net worth update! I’ve been bad :( June 2018

So I’m again dreading writing a post but the whole reason I started this blog was to keep myself accountable to my goals.

Right now here is where I stand:


It hurts to look!!

Yeah, pretty much there’s no excuse. Went on holiday, shopped a ton for that holiday, went to a concert and bought stadium drinks. Stupid, but fun.

So instead of beating myself up and dwelling on how bad the last three months have been (despite there being no reason for me to have been quite this awful), I’m going to make some rules for July:

  1. No eating or drinking out. This means I’ll have to cancel a visit to a pub with some friends, but I just don’t have the money. Period!
  2. No shopping whatsoever.
  3. Gym 5x per week – no reason not to!
  4. Cycle to work 1x per week. Any more than that is unrealistic, and I’m trying to set realistic goals. It doesn’t save much, but puts me in the right mindset.


Maybe this is the little kick I needed though. At the end of May I think I was having a little bit of debt fatigue.

I felt so tired of not being able to do normal stuff with my friends like randomly go to a pub, or go out to eat, or go to a concert.

I was tired of wearing the same summer clothes, and just thought about how last summer I didn’t do anything that wasn’t basically free.

So I went a lil cray. I bought new summer dresses. I went out a bit. I spontaneously went to a concert. I ordered a take out here and there bc I went out a bit.

Do I regret it? Not really, it was super fun and almost like a really well-deserved break. Almost. But I paid for it. And this month I can’t put a dime toward my debt, which is the most frustrating and disappointing thing ever.

So now that I’m all refreshed I’m kicking it back into high gear. I’ve already sent a message to my friend explaining why I can’t go to her pub day. I’m thinking about what groceries I can order that will be the cheapest/healthiest combination. I’m having a party in the park and everyone is BYOB’ing and buying food from the market. I CAN DO THIS. I’m getting back on track.

Thanks for anyone who’s followed my journey so far! I’m far from perfect and hope that anyone else struggling out there knows they’re not alone!

You can make mistakes and still be going down the right path, just like with any other part of life! Fitness, career, etc. Practice makes perfect!





2 thoughts on “Net worth update! I’ve been bad :( June 2018

  1. First off, I truly admire your dedication on posting your net worth. In a few years, you are going to love seeing how far you’ve come. And I especially like your discipline.

    Secondly, you are ahead of 90% of your peers. What other friends do you know who geek-out on personal finance? Let me tell you, great memories and a great life is had by doing exactly what you are doing. Sure the net worth suffers a tiny bit, but don’t get discouraged.

    What great memories does someone with a high net worth and zero experiences have?

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks so much!! It helps to get some support, I know that even 2 years from now I’ll hopefully look back and this will be a tiny speed bump!

      It’s true, I’d much rather struggle along and appreciate every little bit than be loaded and not actually understand how lucky I was!


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