Monthly budget results – April 2018

Another quick update on my net worth.

Like I said, things aren’t stellar financially right now but I’m in the process of turning that around. I got a little trigger happy when I allowed myself to buy new summer clothes since it had been about 3 years (living in England makes it seem silly since they’re bagged up for about 9 months of the year).


I just want to say for anyone else out there trying (but struggling) to reach their financial goals – don’t give up. Even if your progress is one step forward, 3 steps back just keep going. It’s not about the short term…it’s about applying habits over the long term!

I think it can be too easy to compare yourself nowadays to people who have completely different situations than you and also may not be giving the full picture online. Just remember it’s a journey, and life is too short to make yourself miserable by beating yourself up about a few slip-ups. The important thing is to stop whatever is making you go backwards, give yourself some new, achievable goals, and start fresh…which is exactly what I’m going to do!


Before I get to the goals, I’ll show you how I ended up after April.



So I didn’t technically go backwards! Hooray! Lol. Of course I’m disappointed, but there were a few things other than my own spending that set me back:

  • We had an outstanding bill of $150 with the company that flew over our dog that I completely forgot about. Yikes
  • My American Amex reached a year and charged me the giant annual fee – let me tell you I was ready to cry when I realised I forgot that
  • The medical bills from my Abu Dhabi trip were covered by my company, but because of exchange rates fell a little short (£50)
  • My company forgot to take the amount agreed from my paycheck to cover the (£600) fee charged to non-EU peeps who come to work in the UK (this is a healthcare surcharge), so now I’m getting paid £50 less every month over the next six months – annoying but not the worst!

Sometimes life decides for you that you’re not going to make amazing progress, and that’s really okay. I have to keep telling myself or I’ll dig a hole and never come out.


  1. Don’t go backwards on finances! No matter how much you feel like you’re not moving forward, staying stagnant is better than going backwards.
  2. Do not go out to eat, for drinks, shopping or ANYTHING that constitutes spending on ‘stuff.’ (I’m going on holiday for a week in June so there will be a few dinners out but we’re cooking all breakfast and lunches at the Airbnb and probs a few of the dinners).
  3. No drinking alcohol, and sticking to my fitness regime. I don’t drink that much, but when I do I always wake up the next day feeling sluggish and tired (I’m OLD NOW OKAY). I really can’t afford that right now since I’m both studying for exams AND tryin’ to get that beach bod.
parksandred andy
me the morning after having 2 glasses of wine

So there’s my update and my goals for Q2 (minus that whole month of April ya know).




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