3 budget friendly Valentines Day ideas

Ah Valentine’s Day, the most pointless holiday there is.

Don’t waste your time booking a restaurant to sit around a bunch of other couples who feel forced to be there. It’s a waste of money. And it takes so much effort.

My boyfriend and I luckily feel the exact same way about this holiday. I’d rather spend my evening with my dog and him doing something we enjoy while spending minimal amounts of money.

BY THE WAY – these ideas are not just for couples. Spending time with your mom or dad, a good friend, a sibling, the guy that sells you your weekly supply of Jaffa cakes are all options – basically the person who is most special to you.



Okay okayyyyy…I know this is so obvious but it actually is so nice.

There is nothing I enjoy more than drinking wine, chatting and cooking with my boyfriend. For Valentine’s Day we normally pick something we haven’t made before, or that we love, and make it in comfy clothes because real clothes are terrible.


That plus watching a movie at home that makes you smile is the perfect night in! And if all goes to plan….you may even get to go to bed before 11pm.


Brunch is always great. Always. Think about the life events humanity couples with brunch (they’re always awful, until there is brunch).

You’re at your mean cousin’s wedding shower listening to Aunt Becky detail her relationship problems? At least there is brunch.

You’re feeling a little under the weather from a night out where you ended up texting your acquaintance-level-colleague that they’re “actually really cool, and you just love them” Get some brunch, girl, ya need it.

You’re giving birth?

(There will be brunch when I’m having a baby.)


If you’re planning on using the weekend to celebrate, get yourself some orange juice and prosecco and about 4 kilos of pancake mix and make some dang brunch. Boom. Romance.


My boyfriend and I love to make fun of each other and ourselves. Some people probably think we’re mean, and we probably are…but we love to make each other laugh and that’s the best way we know how normally.

But…sometimes it’s nice to hear how beautiful and perfect you are. Even if you already know it.


We normally don’t do any type of gifts other than chocolate for V-day, but I’ve always thought this would be a really sweet way to tell him how much and why I love him. And frankly, it’s way better than a teddy bear and flowers.

I had a former colleague who did this with her husband every valentines since they got engaged and she said it was her favourite gift she received all year, every year. There is simply nothing nicer than telling someone why they’re special to you (other than hearing how special you are, obviously).


This holiday is kind of dumb, but a good opportunity to show people how much you love them. So do it inexpensively, but with class.

pinky out




2 thoughts on “3 budget friendly Valentines Day ideas

  1. I still don’t know what I’m going to do for vday haha! I know my boyfriend is buying us concert tickets and I’d love to return the favour by doing something just as grant, but my wallet truly can’t allow it. I think I might make us some dinner and try the letter idea, I think he would like that. Thanks for the tips!


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