Monthly budget results – January 2018

Hello! It was a LONG January. I got paid Dec 21st for January, which I think the company tries to do to help ­­­with Christmas expenses, but it ends up making the last 3 weeks of January incredibly painful for everyone.

Overall it was an okay month for spending given that it started with my boyfriend’s birthday and included a little bit of late-onset shopping since I had a small giftcard!

I have to keep this very short and sweet since I am currently in my third week of a project at work and I am super busy and tired.


jan18 budget results

So it’s actually pretty bad now that I’m looking at it. That giant -£190 at the bottom there had to come out of my money for February so I haven’t been able to save £310.

I’m just not really sure what happened….usually I can straighten things out and find out where it all went wrong but I can’t. I think it’s stuff that was on my Amex bill from my trip to Rome that didn’t come out of my December money? Regardless, I’m pretty annoyed at myself.


jan18 nw tablejan18 nw percent

I included an extra line at the bottom for the current exchange rate to illustrate how drastically it affects my net worth since my big (and now ONLY) loan is in the U.S.! I use a constant exchange rate of 1.33USD/GBP which is what it was when my payments started last February.

Overall I’m pretty disappointed in Dec/Jan. I haven’t really embraced the “no spend” thing like I need to.

JANUARY GOAL RESULTS – really Q1 goals.

  1. No spend Q1 (Jan18-Mar18) – BOOO I’ve done terribly at this. Okay maybe that’s dramatic but definitely not acting like my debt is an emergency like I should.
  2. Tidiness – I did pretty good at this. Especially the hoovering and the cleaning the kitchen before bed! Definitely could make more of an effort with my living room.
  3. Read 20 min a day – NOPE
  4. Work out 4x per week! – YES! I did awesome with this. I really enjoy it.
  5. Stick to calorie goals – I’d say I did 80/20 with tracking and that’s definitely how I intend to go on. I don’t need to lose weight, I just want to feel leaner and lighter.
  6. Don’t quit my job – LOL still here. I need to change my attitude!!


feb18 bugdet

Come on Feb, be good to me! I think I’ll read Cait Flander’s book about the year of less…I need a liiittle bit of a revamp there!

  • Shopping is for new gloves, I need nice warm gloves. Both of mine are very cheap and don’t keep out the cold very well.
  • Entertainment includes a ticket to a football game for my friend’s birthday. It was super fun and worth it.
  • Restaurants included the money I spent on my friend’s birthday for pub, dinner & drinks with a bit leftover! I highly recommend doing a BYOB dinner if you can – in London that means curry! Was perfect.


Work is really busy. I don’t get home until 8/9 at the earliest and by that time I’m starving and exhausted. I wish I got paid for overtime, my life would be sorted in just a few months! But the grass is always greener I guess? No I just want more money.

This past weekend (first weekend of February) I was hosting a friend and celebrated a very good friend’s birthday, then on Monday I had to go to Birmingham for the day for work and didn’t get home from an all-day meeting until 10pm.

Needless to say I’m SO tired. I’m sure there are some of you out there who do twice as much as me, but I’m a wuss. I like sleep, routine and boring evenings at home.

BUT – I am going to try to post in February 3x. I know that’s a pretty big goal for me considering all the work I’ve got on this project coming up, but this makes me happy to keep up so I’m going to prioritise it!

Have a great February!! Look out for my post on cheap Valentine’s Day ideas!!





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