My goals for 2018 and Q1-18

(I know I’m a little late to the party on this one!)

I’ve been thinking for a few weeks about the goals I want to make for this year. I’ve read a few other posts which have talked about this (or specifically not talked about this), and like I’ve mentioned before I need goals to encourage myself to work harder.

I want to make overall goals for the year, and make smaller goals for each quarter of the year as well. I think it’s important to break these kind of things into manageable chunks so that you can make sure you’re on track to complete your annual goals.

So, without further ado here are my (over explained, heavily analysed) goals for 2018.


Be kinder

  • Okay so this isn’t a tangible goal of course, but it is my number one goal for the year. When I was thinking about things I’ve wanted to change from 2017, the moments that came into my mind were the ones where I didn’t show kindness. I have a horrible habit of gossiping – not like heavy, life-altering gossip, but just “oh my goodness can you believe this?!” type of thing.
  • I hate admitting that, because I don’t like thinking of all the crappy parts of myself but it’s absolutely true! I want to speak about people as if they were standing right behind me. I want to treat others as I’d hope they treat me. I want to be the type of person that people don’t think will ever discuss them in a negative light or share business that isn’t mine to share. I just want to be someone who spreads more happiness than bitterness and more understanding than frustration. I’m not yet, so I’m going to work on it!

Pay off (or put aside) £10,000 towards my remaining debt.

  • I make £30,500 before tax, and according to the UK tax calculator, that will translate to about £24,000 after tax. This will last through September and then I’ll get an increase in my salary again. This means I would need to save about 42% of my pay check on average throughout the year – since that’s not feasible even if I never eat out or go shopping for clothes, I’ll need to make up the rest through side hustles. (Matched betting mostly).

Pass all of my remaining ACA exams on the first try.

  • This is pretty essential – if I don’t pass the rest on the first go then I end up qualifying late and that is just not something I want to do or can even imagine at this point.

Say what I mean and stand by it

  • I am the kind of person who qualifies everything before and after I say it. I allow people to make me feel stupid for something I’ve said and readjust my initial meaning to fit better to their standards.
parks and rec GIF
Me in any conversation, ever.
  • I go to events and parties I don’t want to just to make other people happy – NOT ANYMORE.
  • I’m going to go to the parties and get-togethers I genuinely can afford and would like to go to. I’m going to be more honest with people and not just say whatever I think will make them feel better. If I disagree with someone, I’m going to politely disagree instead of agreeing to avoid any type of conflict. If people don’t like me – they don’t like me, and that’s okay because there’s a lot of people I don’t like either. It’s not a bad thing – some people just don’t go together.

Change my morning routine for the better.

  • I used to be such a morning person. I still go to the gym before work about 3x per week but I’m dragging myself there. I want to set out a routine that gets me in the right mind set for the day and stick to it. I’ll probably detail this out later!

January through March 2018 goals


  • I have a few things throughout Q1 that I’ve already agreed to (and would like to do).
    • The first weekend of February my friend is coming in town and we will probably end up going out. I will most likely bring a flask or drink before going out to avoid buying drinks.
    • A hen-do for a good friend getting married the last week of March. It is only one Saturday and sounds like so much fun. It will cost me about £85 though just for dinner, drinks and the activity planned.
    • My trip to the Cotswolds for a weekend.
  • So I guess it’s spend a ton on experiences Q1…but these are things I am genuinely excited about doing.


  • Clean kitchen before bed – makes me smile in the morning to see it
  • Always put away clothes after using them
  • Quick vacuum once a day (I have a cordless vacuum I love and it takes 2 minutes to clean my flat)
  • Give my puppy a bath once a week!

Read 20 minutes a day.

Work out 4x per week!

Stick to my calorie goals

  • I am not usually a calorie tracker, but over Christmas I indulged a little too much and started to feel like I had lost sight of portion control. I’m doing Jan/Feb as ‘cutting’ type months (calorie deficit) and will probably come back to maintaining in March.

Don’t quit my job

  • This probably sounds silly but I’m in a crappy place with work as I write this. There’s a person in my team that is making staying positive a challenge, and the environment overall can be a little oppressive. I’m not trying to complain, I’m just being honest. I want to be clear – I am very grateful for my job. It’s at a big name company and they are paying for me to get my ACA qualification (like a U.S. CPA), and the team I’m on is basically the precise experience I want if I choose to continue finance as a career. I am very lucky to have them support my visa as well.

parks and recreation i hate people GIF

  • I’m going to buy myself a cute journal and start every day with 5 minutes of journaling, 5 min of prayer, and 5 min of silence. I think this will help focus me! I used to do this all the time after reading “the six minute miracle. ” In fact – I think I’ll read that book again!

Okay! So there are my goals for the year and the quarter.

So I guess that actually means I need to do them………

giphy (4).gif

I really hope that even glancing over those gives one person out there motivation to better themselves. Without working towards something I start to focus on the negatives in my life and allow them to control me and my emotions, so I know how important it is for me to have extra outlets and goals outside of my day-to-day routine.


If you’re the same way – I highly encourage you to write out your goals for this year, month, week or day (or all of those!). It can feel a little silly but it really does make a difference.

Anyway hope all of you reading have had a great 16 days into 2018 so far! If not, you’ve got like 349 days to make up for it!








5 thoughts on “My goals for 2018 and Q1-18

  1. I for one can sympathise from experience that being positive at work when someone is acting like an A can be very hard and I’m sorry you have to go through this. I know at lot of people working at big four and such companies only stay until they get their CPA/equivalent qualifications and then either move onto smaller firms or change field. I heard that it is very demanding for some people and have heard quite a few horror stories. I’m rooting for your success and you go get that qualification! You can do it! Keep us updated ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh thank you so much!! To be honest this blog is such a nice relief from the rest of it all 🙂

    Yeah I think that will end up being my path as well, at first I was convinced I’d stay till I was a manager but that is becoming more difficult to imagine. Definitely worth the qualification (or at least I hope so)! It always gets better eventually…and if not, I’ll leave, ha!



    1. OMG so glad to see someone appreciates my gif game, we can be transatlantic BFFs lol ! Thanks so much for reading! It’s so hard to map out what’s realistic in the long-term you know?? I can’t wait to be where you are in terms of paying back my loans!!


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