Monthly Budget Results – December 2017

I’m not actually sure anyone is still interested in seeing this (seeing as it’s already January 4th and it’s not super exciting), so I’m going to make it short and sweet.

Christmas in Rome did a number on me, but luckily my very generous parents also gifted me close to $500, which is shown in my net worth numbers below.


dec17 budget results

So it looks like I’ve got money left over there but that cash ended up paying off some of my Amex. I wanted to save more that this but really I enjoyed my holiday so much and I love buying gifts for people so I’m happy with everything overall.


Like I mentioned previously, I paid off my smaller loan balance (£1,375) and it feels fantastic. I would never have had the confidence to do this early if I wasn’t involved in the personal finance community. So many other bloggers and PF people out there contributed to inspiring me to do this and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Looking back at the beginning of this year, when I hadn’t even began paying off my student loan, and now seeing I only have £18k left makes me SO happy.


dec 17 net worth table

dec17 net worth percent table

If you’re new – you can see details of how I did this in each of my monthly budget results!


  1. Cycle to work 3x period. I just need to get back on track with this and stop making excuses – FAIL. I’ve realised it rains nearly every morning and it is absolutely freezing. This is going to be a spring/summertime thing for me I think.
  2. Work out 3x per week! I enjoy this so it should be an issue but good to keep trying – Pass/Fail faltered a little with Christmas and travelling and having family over.
  3. Throw away my useless junk before going to Rome with my family – FAIL.
  4. Pay down $1000 of my US loan (about £750) – PASS! This felt awesome.


  • I paid off/put aside for payment $12,035/£9,050 worth of debt this year! HOLY CRAP. Wow. I had no idea I’d done that, looking back that would have seemed absolutely impossible to me last January on a salary of £28,500.
    • A chunk of this is from totaling my car in April when I was home and receiving a payment of about $3800
  • My net worth increased by 16% since May 2017 when I began tracking it
  • I received a pay increase (thank goodness) of £2000 in October
  • I traveled to America from London twice, went to the Lake District (UK), Vienna, Monaco, Spain, and Rome.
  • I moved into a new area/flat that I absolutely love.
  • I made some new friends through other friends and work that I adore and I am so grateful to have.

Okay wow this is really great to go through the year like this. I cannot WAIT to post about my plans for 2018.


Jan 18 budget

-I’m going to the Cotswolds for a small trip in March and I’m putting away £100 a month for three months to pay for it

-I need to make up a little money through matched betting (the £47 at least)

Here we go! Wish me luck




3 thoughts on “Monthly Budget Results – December 2017

  1. Okay, these results are amazing! You go girl! Slow and steady wins the race and you’re defiantly getting close so congrats! I have to ask, if you don’t mind, is your professional background in accounting or finance? Because the way you’ve been approaching this is so analytical it’s made me rethink what I’m doing haha (I’m an accounting student so I take my hat off to you!)


    1. Oh thank you so much!! Seriously means a lot, and I totally agree – slow and steady wins the race!

      Of course I don’t mind 🙂 I studied accounting/finance in both undergrad and my masters, and now I work in accounting/finance so I basically can’t breathe unless I’ve got an excel tab open – ha! All of my finances are in this giant excel file with like 30 tabs and I love playing around with it and working out what I need to do to pay off everything quicker.

      I’m happy to send anything your way if you want to take a look, or answer any questions about my approach! Most of what I do follows Dave Ramsey’s basic programme, and I am hugely inspired by and and well like 20 others, lol. Love your blog though, I’m terrified about the bit once I’m done paying off debt and getting into investing, I’m hugely risk-averse, so I’ll need your help then!


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