Monthly Budget Results – November 2017

November was a really great month for me financially, and I think I owe that to my No Spend November challenge. At times, it was so so difficult to restrain myself, but it also opened my eyes to how often I ‘treat’ myself to a coffee or a treat because I’ve had a bad day or stressful minute.

(A quick apology for being so late with this! I had my retake exam for the one I failed and was knee deep in UK tax code!)


But before getting into that – budget results! Behold:


  • As you can see I put more into my savings than anticipated. This money is at the start of the month…I actually realised that the money I’m showing on my budget and the money that’s incorporated into my net worth amounts are a little different – they’re the right numbers just different timings…which I might change going into 2018.
  • The £3 was a diet coke and tip at a restaurant for lunch with work people. There was a very odd amount of pressure to go to this even though I was clear I would not be eating there…oh well!
  • Entertainment included a 2 for 1 movie ticket – this was the last week of November so I kind of was going stir crazy and I had this voucher so I broke! Was a really nice way to get out the house without spending too much 
  • Amex exclusions is just money that my boyfriend owes me for various things we split.


nov17 net worth

nov17 net worth graph

nov17 net worth table

An overall increase of +£823 from October!! Wow I actually didn’t realise it till now, that’s pretty great really! This is a change of 4.3% in my net worth from last month

MATCHED BETTING – I made about £312 from matched betting this month! 


Okay – this month I’m getting my bonus, it’s obviously Christmas AND I’m going to Rome with my family who are flying in from America….so bear with me…

dec17 budget

I’m not totally sure what I’m going to spend in Rome and on Christmas gifts for people, but to be honest, I don’t want to be crazy restrictive. I’m still putting away a good amount despite spending a bunch as well! I already spent like £15 at Starbucks this month (Dec) so I need to cool my jets there.

How I did on my November goals:

  1. No-spend-NovemberPASS! (mostly)
  2. Study every weekend for both of my upcoming exams! PASS (it was awful)
  3. Working out 3x per week before work and 1x on the weekendPass/Fail I did as much as I could! I think there was only one week where I went 2x
  4. Fix my bike tire and start cycling to work again. My goal is 3x per week but if it’s raining there is no way that is happening, as I’ve said before. FAIL – it’s so cold…
  5. De-clutter my home. Sell, donate, and trash items that do not have a “place” in my home. I think I’m going to document this throughout the month and do a post on it. FAIL – no one on eBay wants my junk! So I need to toss it


  1. Cycle to work 3x period. I just need to get back on track with this and stop making excuses
  2. Work out 3x per week! I enjoy this so it should be an issue but good to keep trying
  3. Throw away my useless junk before going to Rome with my family
  4. Pay down $1000 of my US loan (about £750)

I don’t think cycling to work will happen much/at all over the next two weeks as its incredibly cold and rainy!


I honestly did not realise just how severe my impulse shopping was until this challenge. There were so many moments I thought of a little something for the apartment, or an outfit or makeup and I’d automatically go to look at prices and see if I could buy it!

Having a ban in place was one of the best ways to stop myself from needless spending. It was so great, in fact, that I think I’m going to do a three month one beginning in January! I’m really looking forward to it, because if I could recreate the month I had in November I’d make some serious debt paying progress.

This month is so busy as I’ve got my work Christmas party, a friend Christmas party, a trip to Rome, my family in London, Christmas and plans for New Years Eve!  




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