Monthly budget results – October 2017

I’m actually really excited to write this post! Not because I did great this month (I kinda didn’t) but because it finally means it’s over and I get to start fresh!! It also marks the third month of budget updates which is great – I’ve loved being able to share my personal finance journey so far and can already sense the impact it’s made on my accountability.

Just an FYI: I use Mint for all of my budgeting and I LOVE it! Only certain UK banks/credit cards work on the website (it’s technically for US/Canada) but the accounts I have linked are Amex and HSBC. I definitely recommend it to anyone trying to track their expenses!

Here’s my October budget results:


  • The shopping was for some much needed updates to my flat, a pair of boots and a jumper from ASOS. To be honest, I got a ton of stuff for not all that much, but of course all of it was technically unnecessary. However, I’ve held off buying any decorations since July which I’m pretty proud of!
  • The restaurant budget was higher than expected after a last minute doggy-walking/brunch came about with some new friends from work. It was very fun and we walked a decent amount. That cost about £45-£55 and the rest was coffees and a sandwich or two from Pret (oops).
  • Travel was terrible because my back bike tire has a hole in it and I’ve put off fixing it all month long – but hopefully by the time I’ve posted this I’ve got it fixed!
  • Matched betting was a complete bust this month….I was cash-poor so I wasn’t able to do nearly anything with that. I only made £70 measly pounds, but I am determined this month to do it right. I’ve got a separate bank account all set up and everything now, so I should be able to get back into making several hundred pounds with this.

My October 2017 net worth 

oct17 net worth breakdown

An overall increase of £475 from last month which isn’t bad, but looking forward to next month’s change as I will be receiving 2 months of back-pay for my raise! (about £250 total).

How I did on my October Goals:

From my September budget post:

  1. Do not eat out at all – except for special Friday coffees (my once-a-month treat that gets me through the weeks of office work) – FAIL
  2. Fix my bike tire by this weekend (Oct 7) so that I’m able to continue riding to work 3x per week. BIG FAIL (bike chilling in my front garden currently)
  3. Make £1000 matched betting!!! FAIL
  4. Sell 3 things on ebay – PASS/FAIL (I listed things…they just didn’t sell)
  5. Get into -£18k region of net worth – FAIL (SO CLOSE)
  6. Try a new side hustle FAIL

November 2017 Budget



  • Other includes the £35+tip haircut I’m getting this Saturday. I bought a coupon off of Treatwell instead of my usual £50 haircut I get. I’ve never really used their site but the deal was too good to pass up! I’ve added an affiliate link here in case there is anyone else in the UK who desperately needs a good haircut without breaking the bank.
  • Every month the amount in “loans” doesn’t include the monthly $250 and the £41 that is already being paid toward the balances of my existing loans. The $250 comes out of my US bank account savings (see above) and the £41 comes out of my paycheck. So total towards loans for the month should be £656.
  • I’ve left £15 for wiggle room as sometimes unexpected things pop up
  • See below for detail on shopping and restaurants 🙂

November goals:

So I want to set myself a few goals just for this month, because I genuinely notice a difference to my every-day happiness when I set myself short-term goals.

So here are my goals for the month of November:

  1. No-spend-November Who wants to join me? I will not be spending any money on shopping (clothes, shoes, home goods, etc.), eating out (that includes nice coffees on Fridays, dear lord help me), or anywhere else! I will only spend money on absolute necessities – and no cheating (like buying something for my house, but from Tesco). Only a haircut!
  2. Study every weekend for both of my upcoming exams! This means that Friday and Saturday nights will be pretty boring…I can’t be out super late if I expect to do well on these exams. And it will help with my first goal of not spending anything.
  3. Working out 3x per week before work and 1x on the weekend – extra workout time from not going out.
  4. Fix my bike tire and start cycling to work again. My goal is 3x per week but if it’s raining there is no way that is happening, as I’ve said before.
  5. De-clutter my home. Sell, donate, and trash items that do not have a “place” in my home. I think I’m going to document this throughout the month and do a post on it.


So there! I am feeling good about November as it has to be incredibly low-key in order to get my life together. Luckily I love low key! Means more dog walks, more early morning starts, more feeling good about checking things off my to-do list. I will post how I did on each goal at the end of the month – if you’ve got goals for this month, I’d love to hear about them! It always inspires me to either add to mine or ensure I reach mine when I hear from other people.




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