My top 3 budget busting beauty hacks

Part of the reason I’ve started this blog is to help and inspire other women to learn about and take control of their finances, girl power style. In fact, I love all things girl power. I have a Spotify playlist called ‘girl power’ (there’s a lot of Beyonce) and I love meeting other women who are trying their best to change the world for the better.

Hopefully this blog (and specifically this post) can do even a little bit to help others along their way by solving the problem of “beauty on a budget.”

I don’t know about you, but I love watching YouTube videos of make-up tutorials and clothing hauls, they’re really addicting….and completely toxic. The second I watch them I feel like it’s “normal” to go drop £200 on an order from with trendy little wardrobe pieces I do not need (especially when I’m £25,000 in debt) in order to be like some girls I’ve never met!

I normally only buy drug store make up, and I’ve made a few changes to the rest of my beauty regimen to keep myself from throwing away my precious pounds on products which are sold at 10x their value. And I gotta say, they have been GAME CHANGERS. I would never write about things I don’t absolutely love – so know that these are products I’ve told my friends and family to try and I use myself. Full disclosure – the amazon products are affiliate links, but are only on here because I love the products as I said.

So, without further ado…here are my top 3 game changing budget beauty products:

1. The OrganiCup.

Okay, BEFORE you decide the OrganiCup is for hippies and it’s a bit weird, etc. Hear me out.

Cost: £18 (other brands vary)

How long does it last: 10 years

Why on earth would I buy a tiny wine cup for my monthly dot?

I’m SO glad you asked that important, mildly graphic question! This thing is AWESOME.

  • No scrubs, no I don’t want no scrubs. And by scrubs, I of course mean no unnecessary chemicals – “OrganiCup is 100% free of bleach, glue, perfume, lotion or indeed anything that doesn’t belong inside your body.” You know…those things that are in tampons?!
  • It lasts 12 hours people.
    • No squirming in a meeting at work that’s lasted 2 hours extra because Jerry won’t pipe down about safety procedures, leaving you terrified that when you stand up there will be a very un-cute blotch on the back of your brand new J.Crew workwear PANTSUIT, which Marsha sees and announces that she thinks you must have sat on the third jelly donut you took. And, if you can’t relate to that run-on sentence, take it from the makers:
    • “OrganiCup can contain 3 times more than pads and tampons, which means most people just need to empty it morning and evening = no interruptions during the day. Or night. And did you know that about ¼ of the fluids absorbed by a tampon are natural and necessary vaginal secretions? OrganiCup only collects, thus eliminating irritation and dryness while ensuring the natural pH-balance is kept intact.”

(To be 100% honest I change it mid-day on the heaviest flow day I have just in case. All other days I leave it in all day long!!)

  • Saves money and the planet. The end.
    • Oh I’m sorry, you don’t want to be a rich earth hero goddess? The average women uses 11,000 regular tampons/pads throughout her lifetime! Even if you are always super economical and always buy the 40-pack of tampax pearl that is still £1,568 spent on lil’ cloth nose-bleed stoppers which are constantly on the loose in your handbag and need to be changed every few hours!
  • No it doesn’t fall out. I workout 3-4 times a week and this thing doesn’t budge, ever! It suctions to your lady parts like a vacuum hose to your little sister’s ponytail.
  • Try it! There are cheaper versions out there, I just know the one I got really, really works and I am never ever going back to tampons

2. Blonde Hair Lightening Spray with Camomile Extract < (click here for link)

Cost: £10-£13 (it can change on Amazon)

Lasts: However long you decide to use it for!

Does it work?

  • This product has transformed my hair. I have always had ashy-dark-blond hair which I feel like doesn’t capture the look I’m going for, but I’ve never been willing to drop £50-£150 every so often at the hair salon to keep it looking the way I want. This stuff moisturises, lightens along your natural highlights, and costs nothing compared to other treatments. And no roots to touch up either, unless you spray heavily into your roots.
  • You wash your hair, let it air dry so that it’s damp, spray some in (concentrating heavier on the ends and lighter towards the roots), and blow dry. Voila!
  • Here are my results over 2 years with 2.5 bottles.


3. Coconut oil

Cost: £4-£15 (depending on the brand, I’ve linked my favourite one here ^)

Lasts: a really long time

What do you use it for?

  • Make up remover – I have never used a better smelling, less harsh, more-effective-at-stripping-off-3-coats-of-mascara make up remover! You just get a dollop, rub it all over, wipe clean with a dry/damp towel and voila!
  • Exfoliator – I grab some coconut oil, add some white refined caster sugar, and scrub my whole face… I LOVE DOING THIS. My skin feels so, so soft since I started doing this several nights a week. I also use it on my body in the shower occasionally.
  • Hair mask – this might be the best use for coconut oil I’ve found. I take a ton of oil and saturate my hair with it, throw on a shower cap, sleep like a baby, and wash my hair like normal in the morning. Silky, luscious, shiny hair!

I know there are a lot of articles out there telling you all of the amazing things the humble coconut oil can do, but I just want to emphasise how much money it can really save you.

I hope you like these and if you end up trying them (or if you already do) please let me know your thoughts!






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