Monthly budget results – September 2017

omg – MY NET WORTH IS FINALLY ABOVE -£20K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am finally back to my normal schedule for a little while, so I am reeeally looking forward to being consistent with posting and with my budget. The mixture of my ACA exams, a training session, a small holiday with friends have completely thrown me.

This month I’ll of course share my budget results, but I’m a tad frustrated since I’m in the process of switching to only using and I was using my main bank account as my matched betting account, so it’s been a bit difficult to understand what my actual expenses were.

Regardless, I went a lil’ bit crazy on matched betting and I also didn’t account for the expenses I’d incur getting the flat ready for Airbnb guests. During my holiday…it rained 2/3 main days I was there and so there wasn’t much else to do but eat and rent bikes to ride around the island. I also was so frustrated about it raining that I had an “oh well” attitude and allowed myself to eat out for lunch both rainy days instead of cheap groceries on the perfectly sunny beach as planned.

To be honest, I’m super angry with myself for that and for being a little bit lazy throughout the month because of the stress and irregularity of my schedule. There were things I did well too, though and I want to talk about those so that I keep myself in a happy and motivated mind-set!

  • My company only allots us £4 a day at college for lunch and I only spent more than this 2-3 times out of the 18 days or so, which I’m happy with.
  •  I have been way better at using and and earned about £20 this month by being very consistent with those!
  • I worked out 3x per week regardless of my schedule and stress and it really helped me stay committed to other goals I had.
  • I made about £500 through matched betting! I’m really happy with this but, I think since I’ve finally opened a separate bank account just for this I’ll be able to really get this off the ground. I didn’t hit my £1000 goal, but I could only do what I could given the amount of cash I had available at any time throughout the month. Now that I’ve got an account that doesn’t affect my cash flow it will be a lot easier to bet with this!
  • I tried out 3 side hustles throughout September and made a little bit of extra money! Some things didn’t sell but I’m gonna keep trying.

Here’s my budget results (by the way, Amex exclusions is the money that my boyfriend owes my for various things throughout the month, we are on the same cell phone plan, we share certain expenses, etc.!)



And here’s my net worth tracker:

sep17 net worth.JPGsep17 net worth text

As you can see, my net worth is still pretty dismal but I’ve cleared -20,000 which is really motivating.

By the way – if you don’t already know – net worth is all of your assets (cash, home, etc.) less everything you owe! This is really the most important financial number to me right now, as it kicks me in the bum every month to remind myself that I am very, very very very BROKE. If you’re in debt, you’re broke. That’s how I see it.

Goals for October

  1. Do not eat out at all – except for special Friday coffees (my once-a-month treat that gets me through the weeks of office work)
  2. Fix my bike tire by this weekend (Oct 7) so that I’m able to continue riding to work 3x per week.
  3. Make £1000 matched betting!!!
  4. Sell 3 things on ebay
  5. Get into -£18k region of net worth
  6. Try a new side hustle


I will be posting my results from my 3 side hustles I gave a go the month of September.

I’m really enjoying being able to share this journey, and I hope it gives others motivation to reach their financial goals, whatever they are.






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