Monthly budget results – August 2017

Preface: Okay I am SO sorry that this is literally 3 weeks late posting… I wrote this in the midst of studying for 3 particularly large exams for my ACA qualification. They literally took over my entire life and I didn’t sleep for two of those weeks and came out of the process a beaten down shadow of who I once was. So anyway – here’s the post I wrote…more to come this week!


Okay…so I’ve been putting off writing this post…partly cause I don’t want to face it and partly because I am so tired I might fall asleep writing this post.

But let’s jump straight into it:

aug restuls

Basically I didn’t put as much away for loans, but that’s partly because I started matched betting and I need a super high cash flow to be able to make the money I want from that, and all of that is going towards loans, so I’m super happy with that!

Shopping ended up being higher mostly because I needed to buy a vacuum since my flat is constantly covered in pet hair and it killllls me. I love my new vacuum btw, it is insanely good, cordless, and worth every penny…

Anyway I’m proud of my “out” fund which is like eating out, coffees, etc. I gave myself a budget for one nice coffee a week Fridays before work because working is soul sucking and good coffee is soul replenishing. At the end of the month my boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a £35 night out at Nandos (crazy I know) for doing a great job with only buying groceries for all weekend!!

I also ripped my jeans at a party (right on the bum cheek) while climbing through a window, and they’re my only pair of jeans sooo had to replace them!

So far I’ve made £300 or so in matched betting, so I’m REALLY excited to see where I end up at the end of September, I’m extending my deadline for £1000 to the end of September because my stupid qualification exams are ruining my entire life, and I’m exhausted all the time because of stress and because accounting and tax is the most boring crap ever.

Anyway here’s my September budget!!


I am also going on Holiday next week!! I’m limiting my total spending to £150…I will let you know how that goes!

We got an Airbnb so that means I can make breakfast and lunch every day at the flat and then pack drinks in my sweet cooler bag to the beach….and then spend every dime on tapas and wine at night. Yum.

ANNNND my net worth:

Jul-17 (20,980.2)
Aug-17 (20,386.2)


Until next time!





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