3 side hustles I’m trying this month (and I’m a little nervous)

If you’re into personal finance, frugality or just simply trying to pay down your debt, you’ve probably heard of side-hustling. If you haven’t, all it really means is finding ways to produce income additionally to your main source of income, and there’s TONS of ways to do it out there.

To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of the phrase “side hustle.” I feel like a teenager trying to be thug on facebook when I’m actually chilling in my London flat spreading avocado on my toast! But, regardless of the cringe worthy imagery, I LOVE the concept of side hustles. Making money outside of your day job by doing things that anyone can do but doesn’t feel they have time or energy for – it makes me think that I’m really really in the game of paying back my debt and not just saying it.


Now honestly my risk-averse nature makes it hard for me to believe any side hustle is as easy as the internet tells you it is, but I feel like I’ve put off earning any extra side income for so long and I’m just being stubborn. The more I read other blogs out there, the more each of these side hustles start to become real opportunities and it’s time to give it a go.

I want so badly to reach and hopefully beat my goal of paying off all my debt by January of 2020, and the more I look at the numbers the more it’s becoming very clear that I’m going to need more than my normal income to get there! And frankly, if I could do it in 18 months rather than 30 months like I’ve said, I’ll be THRILLED.

So here’s a bit about the three side hustles I’m giving a go over the next four weeks:


I am going on a short holiday in September after some of my qualification exams, and I’ve booked my first Airbnb guest! It’s only for one night and I am very, very nervous about it, but I genuinely don’t think there will be anything to worry about. Plus it’s an extra £100 for doing next to nothing (other than spending an entire Saturday cleaning my apartment and taking well-lit, welcoming photos).

I actually messed up on the ad and forgot to charge a cleaning fee the first time around lol so I had to ask the guest if it was alright that I change this. He was super cool about it and didn’t mind at all, which I’ve taken for a good sign!

My boyfriend and I have good friends who swear by Airbnb, and there are less horror stories than you’d imagine, so we will see how it goes! If I could get another guest booked in over the 4 day period that would be fantastic, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

It would be an awesome way to make money while I’m sitting on the beach sipping on sangrias.

Matched Betting

I am VERY excited about this. When I first started reading about it, I thought it looked like total bologna, and to make the money everyone was preaching about you’d have to spend every waking hour learning how to do this or that only certain people got “lucky”.

I couldn’t be more wrong! I opened an account on profitaccumulator.co.uk and with the free version of the account, they not only teach you the basics of what it is and how to do it, but they also give you two free offers to try! It’s risk-free and tax free too!! It’s kind of hard to explain, but you basically qualify for the free bets offered on bookie websites by placing risk-free bets, and then use those free offers to place larger, profitable risk-free bets. I know n-o-t-h-i-n-g about betting or sports so believe me when I say this is for everyone.

My very first day I made £37, although if I’d been a little more careful and strategic I could have easily made £45. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this as I’ve seen many people online make £750-£1500 a month doing this consistently. It’s something you can do while chilling on your couch. My GOAL is to make £1000 doing it my first month which means I need to make roughly £33.33 a day – and that number is SO doable! I can’t wait to update on how this goes….I really hope I smash my target.


This is one of my favourite ways to make money on the side. You guys, people buy such random crap. In the past, I’ve sold old beat-up purses for £10 that I cannot imagine anyone would want. I’m going to try to sell AT LEAST 5 items on eBay this month, even if it only brings in a tiny amount.

The good part about doing this is that it slowly de-clutters your home from crap you really don’t need or use. It’s hard to part with things even when I know I don’t need them, because its always like what if… But I heard a good rule about things that seem seriously obvious but maybe isn’t always in the forefront of your mind:

If you haven’t worn or used it in 12 months, you don’t need it.

Sounds obvious, but it STILL seems hard letting go of that one pair of shoes you only wore twice and then decided you hated. Or that bag you haven’t had an outfit for in ages. Or that bike sitting in your house you haven’t touched! I don’t expect to make a killing from this, but I am trying to completely rewire my brain to think that earning £5 for putting some photos of old beer glasses online is really, really worth it! It all adds up, little by little.

I’ll update you guys about my little projects 4 weeks from now! Maybe I’ll turn it into a regular thing if I actually start to make some monayyy from it.

Next week I’ll be posting my budget results for August!! To be honest I’m a teeeeeny bit nervous as I haven’t been perfect this month, but that’s what this is about. I want to show the world my screw ups (from the comfort of my anonymity) so that I’m less likely to repeat them. It’s already worked this month at a few bumps in the road or surges of impulse! – no one’s perfect right?







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